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Controlling the Business Monster Beast!

  • Controlling the Business Monster Beast!

    Controlling the Business Monster Beast!

    For most business owners the thought of been too busy in their business is a dream come true. There is however a growing amount of businesses in Australia, regardless of the economy or Government that are not just busy they are super busy! For these business owners they have created a Monster Beast. So how do we practical tame this business monster beast so business owners around Australia can have a decent lifestyle they deserve with peace of mind at the same time.

    The key things to get this achieved are to address the following steps;

    1. Identify the areas you want to work in and the areas you don’t want to work in. Make all area of the business clear to all staff.
    2. Comprehensively train your staff competently in the areas you don’t want.
    3. Monitor staff performance and review training manuals to increase competency.

    Over the past 11 years we have taken over 100 clients through this process. These clients have come from all different industries but all have one thing in common. They are driven to excellence. The 3 steps above might be simple but done incorrectly it can have a massive downside. To name a few, No buy in or worse still staff turnover. Done correctly, you not only have peace of mind but a business that is worth much more than book value and most importantly leverage so the business is not reliant on certain key staff. If you would like further details then contact me personally on 1300 055 356 Evan Kolbe.

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