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25 Reasons Why Business Owners Chose KolbeAU

  • 25 Reasons Why Business Owners Chose KolbeAU

    1. These are the reasons given why & results wanted by clients
    2.  Owner wanted to spend less time in the business but retain ownership
    3.  Increase the value of the business
    4.  Create a saleable business
    5.  Owner wanted staff to take more responsibility
    6.  More clarity in all areas of the business for all stakeholders
    7.  Daily faults picked up, dealt with and systemised not to happen again, ever
    8.  Wanted to measure other sections of the business
    9.  Required a uniform way of filing – computer documents and paper filing
    10.  Needed to train staff faster to competency
    11.  Increase profit
    12.  Wanted to take the business to the next level but too busy
    13.  Wanted a unique / comprehensive way of managing
    14.  Needed management tools that are simple to use for all staff
    15.  Clear identification of weak areas in the organisation
    16.  Looking for a product based service, something tangible
    17.  Wanted to be the best in the industry / win awards
    18.  Wanted a formalised training and promotion ladder for current staff
    19.  Duplication of the business
    20.  Capture the knowledge base held by key personnel before they left.
    21.  Clarity before they expand into new sectors
    22.  Had ISO accreditation but wanted something more holistic and useable
    23.  Had job manuals but no one used them
    24.  Wanted to employ lower skill level staff and train them internally
    25.  Had a good business but wanted a GREAT business

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