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Planes are safe, is your business?

  • Planes are safe, is your business?

    With the recent sad incidents of flights throughout the world it’s only natural to be a bit concerned about plane travel.


    What we have to remember here is that the airline industry is one of the most governed industries in the world. As a result of this governance, it makes plane travel one of the safest ways to travel.


    Already we have Australian airlines scrambling to change policy to ensure we have two people in a cockpit at all times.


    The harsh reality here is that if things go wrong in the airline industry then it leads very quickly to bad public relations.


    Fortunately as a business owner, the consequences are not that dire. As a business owner you should remember any incident or accident in your business is either one of two things:


    1-    A loss of Income

    2-    Wasting time


    Either of the above points means you will have less of a profit margin at the end of the financial year.


    So what can we do to start creating this governance of efficiency to create good public relations?


    1-    Learn to identify issues before they become customer complaints

    2-    Develop firm policy to train all staff current and future what is best for the company.

    3-    Reinforce and remind staff through regular meeting and training days.


    Sounds simple but how effective is it? The reality is if you don’t start this process now your business will always be centred around one person…. YOU.


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